How are transfers of usable marijuana or immature plants made to a dispensary? Where does the medicine in dispensaries come from?

Products or medications sold in dispensaries come from a dispensary’s own registered cultivation site. A minimum of two Dispensary Agents may transport usable marijuana or immature marijuana plants on behalf of the Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD) with vehicles equipped with global positioning system (GPS) devices monitored by the RMD.

A RMD should:

  • Weigh, inventory, and account by video all marijuana to be transported before it leaves its original location.
  • Repeat this process within eight hours once reaching the destination, except for in the case of home delivery.
  • Report any change in weight based on documentation to the Department and Local Law Enforcement within twenty-four hours.
  • Always carry a copy of a complete shipping manifest in a form and manner determined by the department when transporting the products.
  • Once arrived, give a copy of the manifest to the receiving RMD securely, except in the case of home deliveries.