How do I apply for grower hardship? I am unable to access a dispensary.

To obtain a grower hardship registration, in a form of manner and determined by the Department of Public Health, the registered qualifying patient will need to submit the following:

  • A non-refundable fee of $50, unless waived pursuant.
  • Information supporting a claim that access is limited.
  • An explanation that describes a lack of feasible alternatives to mitigate the limitation.
  • An address and a description of the location that shall be used for cultivation of marijuana, which shall be either the registered qualifying patient’s or caregiver’s primary residence.
  • A written explanation in accordance with the requirements discussing how the qualifying patient will cultivate marijuana.
  • A description of the device or system that will be used to ensure security and prevent diversion of the marijuana plants being cultivated.
  • Written acknowledgement of the limitations on the patient’s authorization to cultivate, possess, and use marijuana for medical purposes in the Commonwealth.